Taking Jesus to the street

Taking Jesus to the street: A revolutionary method of spreading God’s love

Taking Jesus to the street

At Zion Believers Interdenominational Fellowship, we recognize that the transformative power of the gospel extends beyond the walls of traditional places of worship. Our JCS initiative “Taking Jesus Christ To the Streets” is a bold and revolutionary outreach program designed to meet people right where they are, that is, on the very streets they walk on every day.

      JCS is more than an outreach program; it is a heartfelt commitment to making Jesus Christ accessible to everyone, especially those who might not step into a church. We believe in breaking down barriers and bringing the love of Jesus Christ to the heart to individuals in the street thereby creating an environment where faith can thrive amidst the challenges of everyday life.


Street Evangelism

Engaging in one on one conversations about Jesus Christ and sharing the gospel

Prayer walks

Taking intentional steps of praying through the streets , believing God to transform the individuals in that street thereby taking over that territory for Jesus Christ


Holding  crusade and service on the street.

Humanitarian services

Offering practical supports including food distribution and basic necessities.

Be Involved

JCS thrives on the involvement of compassionate individuals who share our vision of bringing the light of JESUS CHRIST to the streets. Whether you have a heart for outreach or a passion for connecting with people and want to make a tangible impact, we invite you to join us in this transformative movement.

Be Involve

The success of the Urban outreach relies on the compassionate involvement of, donors and prayer warriors. Your support can make a tangible difference in the lives of those often forgotten.

For Your Partnership

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