Welcome to the foundation class of Zion Believers Interdenominational Fellowship a foundational program designed to build solid grounds for your faith journey. Whether you are a new believer seeking to understand the fundamentals of Christianity or someone desiring to reinforce the basics, this class provides the essential knowledge to establish a robust foundation in your life in Jesus Christ

            Our mission for this course is to provide a welcoming space where believers can learn, grow and establish a strong foundation in the core principles of Christianity

Key elements of the class

Understanding salvation

Exploring the grace and love of God that forms the bedrock of your faith

Biblical Foundation

Navigate through biblical teaching, interpretation and application to your daily life.

Practical Spirituality

Learn how to cultivate a meaningful and practical relationship with God through prayer, worship and daily devotions

Humanitarian services

Offering practical supports including food distribution and basic necessities.

Church Community

Understand the importance of belonging to a community of believers

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